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Walking is effective to lose weight

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Walking is a great alternative to rigorous sports and exercise and it can be quite effectively used in conjunction with a sensible diet. As a matter of fact, walking for only 40 minutes a day after a brief stretching session is surprisingly effective. You can walk at a comfortable pace just above a stroll. Find the right walking pace. It is important to wear shoes that are designed for exercise walking, as they will help your lower leg muscles to develop as well. Weight loss is a total program and mental attitude and drive are vital for success. Walking is not only beneficial for the body, burning fat and toning the muscles, it is also very good for the mind.   Studies have shown that walking provides a therapeutic stimulation to the brain and if you combine walking with thinking, the brain activity is stimulated and new neural pathways grow. And walking a great way to ensure you retain a healthy active mind, while at the same time keeping your body active as well. Also you can combine walking with daidaihua to consolidate body slimming effects, it can accelerate fat burning, increase metabolism and stimulate detoxification, you will slim down rapidly with this combination, and your weight won’t bounce back as all.